Markarian's Chain

Markarian's chain are a number of galaxies that line up and are part of the Virgo Cluster. In the list of galaxies are 2 Messier objects: M84 and M86. The rest of the galaxies are NGC objects. The line-up is not virtual: at least 7 galaxies move at the same speed in the same direction and therefore are belonging together. This chain motion was discovered by B E Markarian, hence the name of the chain.

The image was taken from Brunet during less then ideal circumstances with loads of high clouds. Due to the dark nature of the site, the image still came out okay. The image was taken with a TMB92 APO telescope and QSI583WSG camera on an Astrophysics AP600E GTO mount.

Exposure times were: LRGB 8:4:4:4 hours.

All images were taken in 1x1 binning.

60% resolution image

100% resolution image